Corporate Governance knowledge quiz

Q1.In the Middle East, boards of directors are predominantly:
Q2.Which of the following is NOT considered a key player in corporate governance?
Q3.Which of the following is not one the underlying principles of the corporate governance?
Q4.A(n)          would be an example of a principal, while a(n)          would be an example of an agent.
Q5.Which of the following descriptions applicable to different types of directors and their independence is incorrect?
Q6.The role of the Non-Executive Directors is to bring judgement and experience to the board that the executive directors might lack.
Q7.Directors’ responsibilities are unlikely to include
Q8.How much time should a Director spend on a Board position?
Q9.For a Director, does having interests or connections with Executive management represent a conflict? 
Q10.Audit Committee should meet at least twice a year with the external and internal auditors, without management present, to discuss audit-related matters.