How Executives Can Leverage Their Knowledge of CG For Greater Success

Executives who invest time in developing their knowledge of corporate governance can add greater value to any organization that they are a part of.

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As well as increasing their impact within their current role, and helping to establish their position and standing within the organizational hierarchy, this gives them added ability in transitioning to more senior positions, gaining external directorships or adding value to charitable or NfP ventures. We work with a diverse range of executives throughout the Middle East on developing their knowledge of the theory and practice of corporate governance, which helps them to advance their careers in many ways.

Promotion and advancement

For a significant number of the executives we work with, their longer-term aspirations include becoming directors, board members, or even founders of their own companies. For executives planning their next move, whether looking for promotion within the same organization or an opportunity at a new company, the ability to demonstrate a solid grounding in the principles of corporate governance is an important competitive advantage. Within the organizations with which we work, we find that those executives who have a solid understanding of what effective corporate governance is, and how it is implemented are better equipped to take on additional responsibilities and gain promotion into leadership roles.

Business improvement

From a practical standpoint, executives who are equipped with a detailed knowledge of corporate governance are able to influence the running of the organizations in which they work, pushing for greater transparency and accountability and improving the decision-making process. This provides a two-way advantage, both by increasing their personal value to the company, as well as by contributing to the success of the business in which they work, and also allowing them some influence over the direction of progress.

Improved relationships

The better informed an executive is in matters of governance, the more they are able to drive transparency and accountability within the business culture, which is crucial in building trust in their relationships with key stakeholders including board members, directors, and owners. As well as internal relationships, the increased accountability and transparency associated with understanding and implementing sound principles of governance builds trust among external stakeholders, such as current or potential investors and financiers.

Understanding corporate governance is a vital tool in driving career progression

From the point of view of the executive, corporate governance is not just an abstract set of principles that govern the business environment in which they work. The greater their understanding of how governance operates, and the purpose and meaning behind it, the better they can lead, develop, and become a valuable asset to the current and future businesses with which they are involved. Being able to back that up with practical experience, whether that’s attending formal coaching or capacity building sessions, or involvement in implementing aspects of the governance framework within a current or previous role adds even greater value to an executive’s profile. This holds true for executives in companies of any size, from start-ups through to multi-national corporations. The earlier an individual starts building this knowledge, the earlier it can be applied to develop their capabilities and shape their future.

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Did you know that corporate governance and leadership training is the most in-demand category of executive education? Or that experience and qualifications are the most important factor in appointing directors at 56% of organizations in the Middle East? Download our infographic to find out more about the importance of corporate governance in building and advancing your career.

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We offer a range of capacity-building programs to help individuals understand the principles of corporate governance, learn how to apply them in real-world scenarios and develop the skills they need to advance their careers.

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MEIoD has worked with over a thousand individuals across the Middle East, providing targeted training programs on key aspects of corporate governance, assisting them in finding suitable board or executive positions and developing their transferable skills.

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