Board Simulation

Board Simulation

Board Simulation

We have created a Board Simulation program to increase your exposure to opportunities and prepare executives to take their first company board position by immersing them into a virtual boardroom scenario.

Corporate governance experts and board members-to-be, will benefit from MEIoD’s Board Simulation program to experience the full extent of your board responsibilities. This three-session program is designed to provide two real-world simulations of half day meetings. For each half day meeting there will be a board pack provided in advance for your review and preparation. The third session is a feedback session.

Our Alumni are entitled to a special discount. Please contact us for more information.

The upcoming program will take place in the evenings from 5pm - 9pm (UAE time) for one evening a week over three weeks. 

Start Date:
Jun 04, 2024
Program Fee:
US$ 1,000
Discounted Price :
US$ 750
TRN Number: